Career Profile

My background involves:

  • national development bank strategy role
  • bank corporate lending (eg product/process design, portfolio analysis)
  • market modelling (power sector) and industry research (automotive)
  • analysis of industrial policy and competition policy
  • macroeconomic forecasting

Interested in:

  • corporate transformation projects
  • data-driven decision-making
  • bridging a gap between business and IT strategy


Director for Business Intelligence

Deputy Director, Department for Macroeconomic Forecasting

Managing Director, Strategy Department

Senior Researcher, Head of Research

Teaching, research and open source projects

Introduction to IT Architecture - Filling a skill gap between business analysts, developpers and architects.
Machine-readable financial statements course, Center for Financial Mathematics - A data pipeline to analyse 1.2 million Russian firms financial reports.
Russian macroeconomic time series dataset - A public end-user API to deliver Russian macroeconomic time series, inspired by St Louis FRED.
Financial models and digital financial twins in project finance - Draft proposal for voluntary real-time project disclosure standard.
Project contributor - Optimization of long-term Russian equity portfolio based on dividend forecast.


'Island 10-21' Intensive Study Course

July 2018
FEFU, Vladivostok
  • ML/DL courses
  • Machine-readable law
  • Industry 4.0 production systems

IfW Kiel Advanced Studies Program

Kiel, Germany
  • Exchange-Rate Economics (Lucio Sarno, City University, London)
  • Applied Econometrics (Stefan Reitz, Kiel Institute)
  • Monetary Policy: Theory and Practice (Volker Wieland, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt)


Munich, Germany
  • Introduction to Equator principles in project finance

Barcelona Graduate School of Economics Summer School

Barcelona, Spain
  • Exchange Rate Predictability (Barbara Rossi, CREI)
  • Modeling Non-stationary and Non-linear Time Series (Laura Mayoral, Gabriel Perez-Quiros)
  • Systemic Risk and Macroprudential Policy

PhD Economics

Russian Academy of Sciences

Thesis: “Policy parameters in competitive electricity market in Russia”.

  • Agent-based plant-level model of competitive wholesale electricty market.
  • Prices affected by world, resources, auction rules and agent behaviour.
  • Reserve margin requirement should complement prices as reform policy target.

Visiting PhD

London Business School, Energy Markets Group

BSc Economics, MSc Economic Policy

Moscow State University, Economics Department

Technical competences






Testing and integration (pytest, TravisCI)

Visualisation (matplotlib, bokeh, plotly)

Econometrics (EViews, gretl)

API design (Flask)

Databases (MySQL/SQLAlchemy)

Cloud services (AWS, Heroku)