Next release:

v.0.0.7 (January 2020)

v.0.0.7 (January 2020)

v.0.0.6 (late evening at the very, very end of November 2019):

v.0.0.5 (November 2019):

  • new TOC and flatter stucture

  • generated a rough pdf

  • minimised errors for sphinx builds

  • for invoke renewed

v.0.0.4 (May 2019):

v.0.0.3 (April 2019)

Scraps several unfinished articles, including a section on applications (hard to fill it quickly). Three main parts in content established (own articles, textbook annotations and how to teach resources).

v.0.0.2 (November 2018)

Original version of EN nobody understood what it is good for, had sample articles on max likelihood, bootstrap, ANOVA.


November 09, 2019

  • drafts for cases and excercises

  • add more tweets

  • add from twitter personalities - links to them

  • Section 4 History may go somewhere else

  • logit models, tweets about them

  • add presentation about reproducibility

  • Statistical inference section is still a draft

May 13, 2019


  • draw a mindmap for econometrics (as described in text)

  • put key textbooks on a roadmap

  • pay more attention to bayesian / causality

Data science textbooks

Articles and code

  • write more articles and code for the main section

  • translate some RATS/MATLAB code to open source (especially time series)

Specific tasks:

  • clean ols

  • run pca example


Add resources on reproducible research and why it has such a poor traction in economics

DAG tools:


  • invoke

How to publish a textbook

Need an opensource textbook with interactive code examples, translation into Russian desired. Hard to see a combination of a static site generator, good theme and PDf export working smoothly.

  • Allen Downey on Medium

  • jupyter-book

  • bookdown

Our publishing process

Other goals

  • review ‘depreciated’ folder, and ‘history’ page

  • ‘vednorize’ LessOLS.jl